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Let's be honest

To provide quality advice takes expertise, knowledge, and time. We make sure you don't fall behind client expectations trying to manage it all by yourself.

Asset Protection

A personalised asset protection strategy considers your goals and sticking points. We work with your clients to build a plan that identifies precisely what they believe is worth protecting. We regularly review and monitor their policies and hold ourselves accountable for the execution and success of their protection.

Life Insurance

Upon the demise or diagnosis of a terminal illness in the insured individual, Life Insurance offers a one-time lump sum payment

TPD Insurance

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance offers a one-time payment in the unfortunate event that the insured individual experiences a level of disability that makes it improbable for them to resume their regular duties.

Income Protection Insurance

An Income Protection Policy provides compensation of up to 70% of your income in the event that you are unable to work for an extended period due to an accident or illness.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma (Critical Illness) Insurance offers a one-time lump sum payment upon the diagnosis of specified medical conditions or injuries outlined in the policy.


When things go wrong your clients need someone in their corner to support and guide them. We provide claims management to all clients. This process includes the initiation of the claim, completing the claims pack and liaising with your insurer to attain the best outcome.


Advisers tend to be hesitant when asking tough health related questions leading to surprise exclusions, loadings and declines. This is not our approach! We focus on finding the best protection solution, this requires delving into the tough details.


The finance industry has a surplus of paperwork, red tape and logistical headaches. We ensure that your transactions and applications are made correctly and compliantly. Saving you time, energy and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.


A key ingredient to a successful strategy is doing the work. We ensure that you take action towards obtaining the right levels of protection and implement the changes required to get there.

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